The City of Tomorrow

Approaching the delta where contemporary classical music, experimental music, environmentalism, and humanism converge, the City of Tomorrow is a woodwind quintet with unusual ambition. Seeking to give voice to emotions of people living in the world today, the quintet makes music to provide an outlet for our reactions to environmental destruction, endless war, the pixelization of our memories, the overwhelming mass of information collected on humanity every day, and other contemporary issues.

Forging a new identity for the wind quintet in the same way that Kronos Quartet did for strings, the City of Tomorrow commissions new works, seeks relevancy for older compositions from the 20th century, and continues to shatter expectations for a concert of wind chamber music. This frequently means unexpected sounds: conch shell horns, strange timbres coming from double-reed instruments, wails from the French horn, improvisation in the clarinet, and a flute that can whisper, spit, talk, and sigh.

The City of Tomorrow is a touring ensemble that has performed across the U.S. and Canada in venues ranging from concert halls to the Mayo Clinic. The group is the first woodwind quintet to win a gold medal at the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition in over ten years and in 2014 was awarded a Classical Commissioning Grant from Chamber Music America.