The Flex-Pass gives you incredible flexibility during the festival. With it you can go to any of the festival concerts in any city! That’s any concert on the tour. It includes 10 tickets (at a discounted $15/ticket). You can bring 10 people to a single concert, or mix-and-match any quantity you like.

The Flex-Pass is perfect if

–you have a group of students

–you want to see one of the artists multiple times (in different cities)

–you have a group of friends who want to all attend the same few concerts

–you want to gift tickets to friends

How It Works

After you buy your Flex-Pass, you will email your desired dates and names of attendees. When your ticket recipients show up to the concert, their names will be on the will-call list.

You don’t have to come to each concert (or any of them). We just need the names of whoever you gift your tickets to, and which concert on which date.

You do NOT need to know all of the exact dates or attendees when you purchase the Flex-Pass. But in order to reserve your seat, the sooner you can get this to us, the better, since some venues are small and may sell out.

Further instructions will be sent upon purchase.