SCNMF is seeking Sponsors, Donors, Advertisers, etc. There are many ways you can help contribute to the festival. As a new organization, SCNMF is not eligible for many grant opportunities which typically require a track record of 1-3 years. Your support is REALLY going to make the festival possible.

Tax-Deductible Donation

Please consider making a 100% tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas.

Become a Sponsor

As a National Sponsor, you will support the festival in all 10 Cities (70 concerts). Local sponsors can choose the cities they wish to sponsor. This can be a single city or multiple cities.


Advertise in the festival program book nationally (all 10 cities - 70 concerts) or locally (up to 3 cities - 7 concerts / city). Show your community that you support the arts and adventurous music programming.

Buy Tickets

7-Day and 3-Day Passes are available now. These make great gifts too! Choose your city:

Seattle 3-Day / 7-Day
Portland 3-Day / 7-Day
Eugene 3-Day / 7-Day
Sacramento 3-Day / 7-Day
San Francisco 3-Day / 7-Day
Santa Cruz/San Jose 3-Day / 7-Day
Ojai 3-Day / 7-Day
Palm Springs 3-Day / 7-Day
San Diego 3-Day / 7-Day
Los Angeles 3-Day / 7-Day

Make a donation through Paypal

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A straight up donation will help immensely! Thank you!