Working with her has been wonderful. He has helped me incorporate colors into my wardrobe that I would never have imagined and the end result is I feel great!

-Lynn B


She is a gifted stylist, fun, funny and with years of experience in retail. She really knows how to help you look your best! 

-Kim S


I’ve gotten so many more compliments since we began working together and I feel (and look) better, more confident, and more stylish.  



With her help, I edited my clothing down to the things that fit, flattered and I loved to wear. This cut down my prep time in the mornings significantly.

-Mary V.


She changed my life. She provided me the guidance, support, information and courage I needed to really change my habits and make the right decisions in my life to feel better about my health, weight and body. I have been working with her for over 7 months, and she is super timely, organized, thoughtful, responsive, kind, and an amazing listener. I’ve learned a lot about myself, nutrition, and body in the process. She is truly an amazing person to work with and know! I recommend her to everyone I can.



I can really say she has changed my life. She is very passionate about her work and it shows. She is so knowledgeable about health and nutrition and very understanding with newcomers. I have always eaten so badly but after only a few months working with her I can say I have learned the healthy way to eat for a lifetime. I highly HIGHLY recommend her as a health coach if you have struggled in that department. Even if you think you are fine, talk to her anyway because she knows what she’s talking about and your life will be transformed. 

-Sandy J.